Shayne was fortunate to be around helping out a team of open source developers working on Mambo when a large portion of them decided to all get up and leave to start something new, Joomla.

Shayne since then has built a profitable business around it called Cloudum, a Perth/Western Australian, based Joomla solutions provider. He gives us all a little history lesson on Joomla as well as a awesome security tip in regards to keeping your website secure.

Show Notes

Shayne has been working with Mambo/Joomla since the very early days along side some of the other developers and designers that took on working with the project.

At about August in 2005, an open letter to the community (Thanks to Brian Teeman for sending me the link) was released to the public and the community split in two and the foundations of Joomla were formed based on the ideas of open source.

Security Tip from Shayne

Shayne's number one security tip is to make sure you keep your websites maintained. If you're experimenting with extensions and installing them on the website, make sure you uninstall what you are not using. Leaving unused extensions that are not maintained can open you up to security holes that will allow your websites to be hacked. If you don't use it, get rid of it. If the extensions hasn't been updated in a long time on the website, make sure you do update it, and if it is no longer supported by the developer, then look for alternatives.

You can hear more from Shayne at his security workshop that he is doing at JoomlaDay Sydney 2013.

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