This special episode I speak to a few members of the Joomla World Conference about what is planned for the event, a few special things that have in store, as well as their experiences in the Joomla community, conferences and in organising the event.

Diane Henning, Ronni Christiansen, Mike Carson, Jon Neubauer and Jerri Christiansen all join me on the podcast for the biggest group podcast I've ever recorded.

Show Notes

Sponsors for the conference

Big shout out to all the sponsors of the Joomla World Conference who have put up money to make the conference happen and make it affordable for the Joomla Community.

Sponsors bringing you this wonderful opportunity

If you're interested still in sponsoring the conference you can find out more information about it at the main conference website:

Discount Voucher / Coupon for Joomla World Conference

If you're thinking about coming to the Joomla World Conference, feel free to use the coupon the special Joomla Beat coupon code "JWC13JBP" for $100 off your ticket for the Joomla World Conference. A huge discount voucher to attend the conference.

We'll see you there.

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