The Joomla World Conference is just around the corner and I managed to get my Joomla Ignite presentation video submission in before the cut off. Just before...! Duke Speer sent me my first Speak Pipe voice message and comes on the podcast to explain the Ignite format in more detail.

He also reveals that it will be broadcasted live across the internet and that there is a prize for the winner.

Nicholas from HikaShop also joins me on the show for and interview from JoomlaDay Sydney to talk about HikaShop itself and how he got into Joomla.

Show Notes

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Joomla Ignite

The Ignite presentation format is a fast paced, and engaging style that has 20 slides that auto transition from one slide to another every 15 seconds. The presenter has no control of when the slides will change. This gives the presenter 5 minutes to get across the message and presentation for the audience!

This year that the Joomla World Conference, Duke Speer is organising the Joomla Ignite session at the end of the first day.

It should be a fun session and a great way to start the evening networking sessions.

All of the sessions will be recorded but will also be streamed live from the conference venue.

You can find out more about Joomla Ignite from the conference website or via the the dedicated website for Joomla Ignite.

Don't forget the discount coupon code of $100 off your conference ticket.

Interview with Nicolas Claverie from HikaShop

Nicolas joins me on the podcast to give a little bit of a background on how he got into the Joomla world. After doing and internship in Ireland where he was exposed to Joomla, he picked it up and started writing extensions for in when he arrived back in France.

After a period of time he created HikaShop, one of the very first online shopping carts that worked with Joomla 1.6+.

Nicolas explain a few features in HikaShop but one of the most interesting is the Mutli-Vendor feature within it.

Nicolas has worked out a way to completely automate the payment system for vendors when it comes to running a multi-vendor online store. Using PayPal, he can split the payments and the referral commissions that a site owner would have to pay and vendor and themselves. Very impressive.

You can fine out more about HikaShop at:

You can also use the coupon code “JoomlaBeat” to get 20% off your purchase from HikaShop!

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