This episode I chat with Adrien Baborier from AcyBa, creators of the AcyMailing extension for Joomla.

It is one of the best mailing extensions for Joomla with lots of great features to make your email campaigns just that little bit easier.

Adrien talks about how he got into Joomla and a few great features in AcyMailing as well as some fantastic tips when it comes to email marketing.

I also have a few news updates this episode in regards to the Joomla industry, updates to the Joomla documentation website and the Joomla World Conference.

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Joomla News

Joomla 3.2 Release

Joomla 3.2 will be released this week so keep your eyes out for that. With the release of Joomla 3.2 comes a whole lot of new features. Releasing with the tag line, "something for everyone", Joomla 3.2 is a feature packed release. New features and new security updates. Major security updates! If you would like to know more about some of the amazing features that have been added into Joomla 3.2, check out a previous episode where I cover some of the amazing features that have been added. Episode 33 - Whats New with Joomla 3.2

Joomla World Conference 2013

The Joomla World Conference is coming up, so check it out at where you can stream it live. You can keep up with what is happening at the conference from anywhere in the world in real time.

Joomla Magazine November 2013 Released

The Joomla Magazine has been released for this month. I'd like to focus on one particular article by Andrew Eddy about distributions. Essentially what that means is packaging up Joomla in different flavours or packages per say. So that when you install Joomla it will install all the bits and pieces you might need for a particular type of website. For example, e-commerce will come as a package and come with all the things you need for a store type website. Stay tuned for an interview with Andrew coming up in a few weeks and in the mean time check out the article.

Joomla Docs has had a major facelift, it had the look and feel of a wikipedia site and was not regularly updated. But now it has a new theme and is works cohesive with the rest of the Joomla brand. It is also fully responsive. Have you contributed to the documentation website? If you haven't why not go ahead and give it a go.

Interview with Adrien Baborier from AcyBa, at Joomla Day Sydney

We welcome Adrien all the way from France, while we catch up with him in Sydney.

Adrien started back in the Mambo days during 2005, at the time when there was a split from Mambo and Joomla. He had an internship with a company in Ireland where he was introduced to the platform. When he went back to France he continued working with Joomla.

How AcyMailing Started

As he was working with Joomla, there seemed to be a lot of email marketing software that was not working. He then tried to come up with something that would work which took a year to come to light. The software was developed, and all in all he wanted to make email marketing easier for the user.

What Can It Do?

It has the ability to insert new articles in your emails from your site and then automatically published once a month or whenever you would like.

If you have a huge database of contacts, it queues the emails, so it sends them over time and progressively. Hosting services limit the amount of outgoing mail so this works around the limitation.

Another cool little tool is, which tests your server to see if it configured properly. If it is not, then it will tell you what to do step by step.

Adrien's Email Marketing with Joomla Tips

Compose a newsletter and focus on one thing. What you want is a key message with a call-to-action. Segment the list and send targeted newsletters. Split the list up into groups and don't bother everyone with all your messages. Send targeted messages. Try not to focus on mass messaging. Focus more on messaging when the user expects it. Say, send an email two days after signing up saying hello to the user.

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