This is a special Google Hangout edition of the podcast with my special panel of guests on the show talking about the open source business model and the pros and cons of various open source platforms including WordPress, Drupal and of course Joomla.

We talk about how to sell yourself, get into the professional services business in regards to Joomla and much more.

It turned into a little bit more of a controversial episode that I thought it would be but it was a fantastic debate and conversation between us all.

At the end is also an open question and answer session as well.

Robert Deutz joins me on the podcast to talk about his journey into discovering Joomla! and the community behind it.

He then goes into more detail about the upcoming J and Beyond conference and also shares a few tips in regards to organising a conference so if you're thinking about organising a JoomlaDay conference yourself the this episode is for you.

The J and Beyond team are now also looking at speak applications for the conference and also sponsorship for it too.

If you're interested in finding out more about the conference and what is happening, make sure you check out the J and Beyond website.

A quick run down of the show notes for this week with resources and links to everything that was mentioned in the podcast episode.

Community Leadership Team appoints a few new members

The Joomla Community Leadership Team are proud to announce the appointment of four new members to the Joomla community. These four members include, Alice Grevet, Dianne Henning, David Jardin and Peter Bui.

They will be joining the other members of the team to help lead certain areas of the project such as the Joomla Extension Directory, Joomla Resource Directory, Community website, Magazine and much much more.

Some particular members of the current team will be stepping down from their roles and we thank them for their service to the Joomla community over the years and hope to see them around the community still.

Open Source Matters is looking for nominations

With a little reshuffle within OSM, they are now looking for nominations for more people to join the team and role within OSM.

If you think you're up for the job or you know someone that will fit one of the roles perfectly, then make a submission on the nomination form. Submissions close Friday 21st Feb.

SiteGround Hosting Giveaway

Back in episode 50, we started running a hosting account giveaway with SiteGround. So if you want to be in the draw to potentially win a GoGeek hosting account with SiteGround, simply go to the show notes for episode 50 and make a comment in the show notes and you'll be in the draw to win a new hosting account with SiteGround.

Interview with Robert Deutz about Joomla! Conferences and J and Beyond

Robert Deutz joins me on the podcast to talk about his long time experience in the Joomla! world. He's been working with Joomla for almost 10 years starting in the Mambo days. Robert has also been running conferences around the CMS since 2005 as well and has done so successfully ever since.

Tips from Robert

  • Start small. If it is your first conference, make sure you start small and don't throw yourself into the deep end of conference organising without some prior experience.

  • Form a team, a dependable team that you can count on to get the work done. It's all about ticking the check boxes and making sure things are done.

  • Budget for the worst, you don't know if anyone will come at all and you need to budget for that. Make sure you budget for an event if there are no sponsors and no attendees so you know what you're up for in regards to costs. No one likes to put out their own money to run a conference as the costs and risks are huge.

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If you want to find out more about the J and Beyond conference the check out the new J and Beyond website that Chiara and Brian have put together this year.

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