This is a special Google Hangout edition of the podcast with my special panel of guests on the show talking about the open source business model and the pros and cons of various open source platforms including WordPress, Drupal and of course Joomla.

We talk about how to sell yourself, get into the professional services business in regards to Joomla and much more.

It turned into a little bit more of a controversial episode that I thought it would be but it was a fantastic debate and conversation between us all.

At the end is also an open question and answer session as well.

This week I promised an interview with Gary J Brooks in regards to his startup of but this week we see quite a debate spark up over the relicensing of the Joomla Framework from GPL to LGPL. I have to stress, thats the relicensing of the Joomla Framework and not of the Joomla CMS itself.

This is where some of the original confusion came from. There were also some assumptions that the license version was something different which would mean the GPLv2 license of the Joomla CMS would have to change and this we don't want to happen.

I spent a Sunday afternoon with Andrew Eddie, one of the Joomla Framework developers, asking him about what were the implications of the license change, how it would affect my business and many others around the world. Andrew explains all from the point of view for changing the license to LGPL, and I welcome someone else to join me on the podcast to speak for the other side of the argument to keep the Joomla Framework as GPL.

CMS Africa Summit

Odour Jagero joins me on the podcast to tell us about CMS Africa Summit that is being held in Nairobi, Kenya on March 7th and 8th 2014.

Find out more information at:

Don't Mess with the Joomla! Extension Directory

This week we also see a popular extension developer lose all of their listings from the directory. A lot of developers depend on the directory as a source of income. Users looking for extensions will usually browse the extension directory to find plugins, modules and components to add to their site and a lot of traffic flows through this directory every day.

Each listing has ratings, reviews and important information all about the listing. Users can give ratings and reviews and most people that are looking for new extensions to use, usually go by the recommendations that other users have left.

In this case, the JED team found a lot of fraudulent reviews for the developers extensions and alerts were triggered for the abuse of the voting and rating system resulting in the removal and banning of the developer's listings.

This wasn't a decision that was taken lightly by the JED team, and many conversations were involved before the decision was made with the end result being the delisting of all of the extensions by the developer and a permanent banning of the developers.

I have to stress that this was a very hard decision by the JED team and it was unfortunate that it had to turn out this way. I keep the developers identity anonymous to help protect their reputation.

Just a lesson to be learnt from anyone else that is producing and listing extensions. Follow the rules, think of the customers first and we will all benefit from Joomla!.

Andrew Eddie talks about the Joomla Framework and the desire to change the license and why

Joomla licensing

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David Hurley's post about Conflict Resolution in a Community.

Join the Google+ Hangout Session

I'll be hosting another Google Hangout session in regards to the debate. Join the session to find out more.

8th March 6:30 am Australian EST

I need 4 guests to join me on the podcast episode, 2 debating for the change and 2 debating against the change.

You know how to contact me.

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