This week we have a look into getting Joomla working on a Windows web server. The majority of Joomla websites usually are found on Unix/Linux based web servers running Apache, MySQL and PHP.

In the past it was quite hard to get a Joomla website running properly on a Windows server, but these days it is actually getting easier and easier to setup and get running with all the configuration that you need for a Joomla website.

Robert Jacobi from Arc Technology Group joined me on the podcast. He now manages the installation package for Joomla on a Windows servers. This was originally worked upon by Sam Moffatt, who now works at LinkedIn.

I also go through various tips to have a look at when setting up a Joomla site on Windows Server.

Show Notes

Security Updates!

Did you happen to miss the HeartBleed security vulnerability and news announcements around the world?


JCE Attacks in the Wild

An interesting article on the Suciri blog about the JCE security vulnerability attack live in the wild. The blog article goes into the tracking of the hacks on the known vulnerabilities of JCE that were patched in 2011 and 2012. Unfortunately there are still many Joomla based websites out there that are still running the vulnerable version of JCE making those sites perfect targets for the JCE attacking bots to hit.

The best recommendation is to update to the latest version of JCE, which you can get for free at the JCE website,

You can read more about the blog post from Suciri and Spider Labs about the tracking and monitoring of the vulnerability and hacking attempts against it.

Open Source Matters (OSM) Announces Election Results

The rest of the board members have now been elected and revealed with some more great additions to the board to help steer Joomla. finally right at the top we have a new face at the board of OSM, Sarah Watz who is looking after the Joomla Certification Program is now also steering the ship for OSM and Joomla as well. It's great to see another woman at the top helping to lead the project through financial and legal issues that it faces and much more.

I hope to have Sarah on the podcast soon to chat about her new roll and how she sees the future of Joomla!.

You can read the press release at Yahoo Finance.

You can read the full announcement of the new board members from the OSM Google Group.

Official announcement from Joomla!

Robert Jacobi Joomla Beat Podcast interview

Interview with Robert Jacobi from Arc Technology Group

Additional notes to come

Arc Technology Group Windows Web Matrix Microsoft Joomla resources

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