This week I chat to the team at Savvy Panda all about Inbound Marketing. Luke and Gabe have been working with Joomla from the very early days and have grown their business from strength to strength and now do a huge amount of online marketing in the form on inbound marketing.

The guys explain exactly what it is and how to go about it.

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User Question

Gary asks, “...can you point me in the right direction to take care of a technical issue I have on multiple websites, where emails generated by submission forms are getting blocked and not getting to the admin? Does a directory of Joomla professionals on a technical level exist?”

  1. This is a common issue if you are receiving emails from your websites that are considered spam. When you receive mail and mark it as spam, it marks the web server it was sent from as spam. So when you receive spam from your own webserver, essentially you are marking your web server as spam. This in turn blocks subsequent non-spam mail from making its way into your inbox.

How to fix:

  • Move the mail server off the web server. Use the web server purely for serving the web and use a separate mail server for emails.

  • Set up forms to use as many anti spam features as possible. Akismet is a great tool. It is an algorithm that checks for patterns for potential spam and filters out the spam.

  • Make sure Joomla is using the mail exchange server smtp to send out mail instead of php mail.

  1. Check out the Joomla Resource Directory where you can find all the Joomla professionals around the world.

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Joomla News

Vulnerability Extensions List (VEL)

Check out the blog post from the VEL, it is about templates that get released from free websites. The uploaded templates can include bugs and malicious code. It is important to note that this can also apply to extensions/modules/plugins for Joomla too. Make sure you are downloading your extensions and templates from the developer websites to ensure you have a clean download.


Joomla Day Mexico 2014

Stay up to date with all that is happening at Joomla Day Mexico with #jdaymx14.

Watchful Site Managing

Watchful is a great tool that allows you to update and install extensions across a range of sites. Also allowing for mass updating and monitoring. They have just undergone a redesign process of the dashboard and administration area. Check out the blog post about this big interface reboot.


Gabe and Luke from Savvy Panda - Joomla World Conference in Boston


Gabe: The owner of Savvy Panda - a Joomla web design team based in Milwaukee. Gabe comes from a background in computer science. Started Savvy Panda 12 years ago. At the time they were working with HTML site's but needed a website that used a log in and started looking around at what CMS's were out there. Came across Mambo/Joomla and never looked back!.

What Savvy Panda does

They are a full service web team, which includes everything from custom templates to extension development etc. Whatever clients need for websites, they will work with it. The company works with small to medium businesses, with a handful of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients.They work within 3 niches, e-commerce, non-profit, and software and technology companies.

Savvy Panda are made up of two sides to the business, an inbound marketing side and development side.

Luke works on the marketing side of things. He used to build a lot of sites on Joomla, but now is in charge of the marketing and development of strategies. With new clients, they spend the first 2 - 3 weeks exclusively working with the marketing team.

What is Inbound Marketing?

It is relatively new in the US, and has stemmed from the big shift from traditional marketing, to new marketing. When the internet came along, it was the consumer who decided when to see the advertising rather than the companies. Using tools such as ad blockers, dvr recorders, satellite radio, these gave the consumers power. The shift in power then dictated that marketing must change. Inbound marketing philosophies stem from trying to attract people who are actively interesting in information about your business. The consumer is actively out there looking for information.

Hints and Tips for Inbound Marketing

It stems from personas, which are a fictional representation of what your ideal customer is. Then you can create different personas based of bucketing your customers. These can be from what their goals are or industry they work in etc. Fill out a detailed profile of your personas. That is where all your marketing and product development stem from.

Look at tactics and strategies and then you can tailor your message from the personas.

The number one way to direct traffic to your site is blogging. This is vital. Although blogging can be time consuming, look at it as an asset to you business. Build your content as an authority and educate your consumers.

Ideally you should be blogging 2 times a week. With the use of a variety of blogging content, this can be podcasts, transcribing podcasts (like this one!), video blogging, etc. It doesn't always have to be writing, so factor in your persona to decide on what media you choose.

Lead Nurturing Campaign

This is how you use inbound marketing to get people to your site, and convert these into sales.

Top Funnel Stage

These people are just there researching - what is going on in the industry etc.

They are information seeking.

Best ways to get their attention:

  • E-books
  • Webinar
  • Case study

Middle Funnel Stage

These people have a problem and are asking; who do I go to to solve the problem?

You want to educate them on how they can solve that problem.

Bottom Funnel Stage

This is where you can help people who have a problem. They have an idea of how they can solve the problem but are asking; who am I going to talk to about this? If you have utilised the top two stages, your customer should already know they will go to you for help.

Best ways to get their attention:

  • Free trial
  • Consultation


This is a service from Savvy Panda that empowers Joomla inbound marketers.

Savvy Panda noticed that there was no good marketing tools specifically for Joomla. Nothing that pulls all the processes together. So JInbound empowers marketers who are using Joomla, with a powerful tool that allows you to easily create a landing page without having to be a developer. Is it to get people into that funnel, they fill out a form on the landing page and then you can lead nurture them.

Master Inbound

This is another service from Savvy Panda which is a learning management system. It ideally is to educate people on inbound marketing. It includes 150 videos in the series which cover the initial attraction of customers, to conversion to closing the sale etc.


Also check out a free e-book on JInbound, Supercharge Your Joomla! Website With Inbound Marketing.

Thanks Gabe and Luke!

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