Chris Drake, long time security expert who has been coding back before I was born joins, me on the podcast to talk about the secure authentication option he has created called CryptoPhoto for Joomla.

Chris talks all about his experience and stories that he has been exposed to over the years as a white hat hacker and business owner. The disaster stories and his own success stories

Lots of news updates in the Joomla industry this week.

Duke Speer also joins me on the podcast to talk about the Joomla Developer's Conference and the upcoming Joomla Ignite sessions at the Joomla World Conference in Cancun, Mexico.

I cover a few upcoming events, security issues that have been alerted around the web at the moment, structure change to Joomla itself, BETA testers wanted for the new Joomla Extension Directory, Pizza Bugs and Fun event.Helvecio da Silva joins me on this podcast to talk about the Joomla Community in Brazil. He highlights the importance of having documentation and information available in many languages not only English.

There are over 150 million people in Brazil and most of them speak and read Portuguese. Having information and documentation in Portuguese will help more and more users get exposure to Joomla and pick it up as their preferred CMS.

I also highlight some stats in regards to languages spoken around the world and where English really is in regards to the spectrum of languages in the world.

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