This week we have the global Pizza, Bugs and Fun event being held virtually around the world on the 17th of October 2014.

I also introduce my lovely new co-host for the podcast, Martina Kocian. Completely new to the Joomla community and I hope will bring some balance to the podcast from the perspective of a site user and newer user of the CMS.

New Co-host

Introducing the Joomla Beat Podcast new co-host, Martina Kocian. She has been the creative director at PB Web Development since the beginning in 2007 and has helped shape and move the business in the direct of where it is now.

Pizza Bugs and Fun

The Pizza, Bugs and Fun event starts globally on the 17th of October 2014. (I'm actually training the team here how to work with the project as I do these show notes).

To find out more information about where to start and what to do in regards to joining in, please check out the developer site at,

All of the documentation and information about what you will need to do to get started is all stated on the website.

Issue tracker

I love the "feeling lucky" button that will put you to a random issue to work on.

Joomla World Conference is Just Around the Corner

If you are in Central America and you would like a free ticket to the Joomla World Conference this year being held in Cancun, please let me know or use the code.

Extension Review

This week Martina picked an extension from the Joomla! Extension Directory and it is "Latest News Timeline". A great way to display blog posts in the form of a vertical timeline as opposed to a regular long blog page or article list.

You can download it from

Interview with Nick Savov

This week's interview is with Nick Savov from OS Training and also the Joomla Production Leadership team. Nick works on a lot of the support side for OS Training but also dedicates a huge amount of his time to the Joomla project. Find out more about Nick Savov.

In this case he was up at 5am working on some items for OS Training and doing the podcast interview. (REALLY appreciate your time Nick).

Nick takes us through the process of getting started with Bug Squashing for the day. All of the documentation and instructions on how to get started can be found at .

You can watch this video about the Patch Tester component that Javier Gomez has created on YouTube.

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