Matt Thomas joins me on the podcast to talk about his experiences and how he is involved with the Production Leadership Team within Joomla.

Matt Thomas from the Production Leadership Team

Matt started working in the web back in 2000 and now a full time Joomla Freelance Contractor.

Started BetweenBrain and started using Joomla in 2006 and now is booked full time as an independent contractor and freelancers. He's worked on various projects over the years including the Guggenheim Museum website.

Matt is now a part of the Production Leadership Team (PLT) for Joomla. The PLT, looks after areas with code, behind the scenes work with policies procedures.

Recently the PLT have set out the road map for Joomla and have change the way Joomla rolls out its versions.

Semantic Versioning

  • 0.x.x is major
  • x.0.x is minor
  • x.x.0 is a patch

The current stable Joomla versions are 3.3.6 and 2.5.28.

Joomla now has moved to version base releases as oppose to time based releases. Every release is now stable and the project encourages everyone to use the latest version that is available as opposed to waiting to the .5 releases which previously use to be known as a stable release.

The next version of Joomla should see a lighter and lighter Joomla distribution with less components.

Matt's Big Contribution to Joomla - Com_Ajax or Joomla Ajax Interface

Provides a centralised solution to allow developers create direct ajax modules or plugins allowing developers make direct http requests to a module or a plugin. This means a third party site or mobile app can retrieve data from that website to display on their own site or app. Anything connected to the internet can consume data from your website.

Project Icarus!topic/joomla-dev-cms/0VURcwpRu2I

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