On this weeks show we look at the up coming JoomlaDay Boston and in particular the code sprint bug squad they've arranged for the Saturday morning.

We also look at ways you can help out and join the Joomla community.

Lastly we have an interview with Brian Teeman, who will be telling us a little more about what he does on a regular basis as a job as well as what it was like back in the early days when Joomla forked from the Mambo project and turned into what it is today.

Episode 8 - Upcoming JoomlaDay Boston and highlights of the event, joining the Joomla community and contributing back, and interview with Brian Teeman.

Show Notes

Joomla News

Joomla Bug SquadWe're sponsoring JoomlaDay Boston and will be doing and interview with Dianne Henning all about what's planned for the event.

Looking over the program schedule for the day, JoomlaDay Boston schedule and speaker sessions, there are three rooms of sessions over the day so it is a jam packed day with lots of learning to do. I'm really looking forward to what comes out of the day but one thing I'm really interested in is the Bug Squad code sprint that is happening that morning. A code sprint is when a bunch of developers get together, either physically or virtually, and focus their time and energy into development of the project!

In this case they're all getting together to squash a whole bunch of bugs to help make the latest release of Joomla more stable.

I think it is a brilliant idea and if the community around the Joomla Day is developer centric then I think all JoomlaDays should have a code sprint session to help move the project forward just that little bit more.

Now on another note, if you have never been to a JoomlaDay before then I highly recommend getting along to one. You can find one that might be happening in your local area on the main Joomla events website at

http://events.joomla.org/joomla-days.html You can also find a few local monthly events around your area in terms of local user groups and meetups there as well on the website. If you don't find a local one on that website, try jumping on Meetup.com and you might find one there instead. I know there are quite a few Joomla groups on there too!

Internet Explorer 10 Released for Windows 7

Internet Explorer 10 is now available for Windows 7. So all of those people that are still working on Windows 7 machines don't need to rush and upgrade to Windows 8 to get the features and benefits of Internet Explorer 10.

You can read the headlines of the release at LifeHacker:

http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2013/02/ie10-for-windows-7-officially-released/ Social Media Tip

Posterous is shutting up shop!

http://blog.posterous.com/thanks-from-posterous From April 30th you will no longer be able to use Posterous. That is they're completely taking down the entire network. You won't be able to view or edit Posterous pages at all.

So if you have anything on Posterous and you need to get it off the network there are some instructions that will take you through the process of backing up your Posterous account and potentially rebuilding and migrating all of your content elsewhere.

Somewhere like a Joomla blog would be perfect. You could even potentially migrated all of your data into something like EasyBlog from StackIdeas, which will give you the quick and easy editing features of WordPress with extra functionality and flexibility that you get with Joomla.

Now I just went through and did a backup and export of my data from Posterous and I'll post up a tutorial on how to do that, and then instructions on how to import that information into a Joomla website. There are a few scripts out there that make it quite easy to import data into Joomla as long as it is in the right exported XML formats.

So if you are running Posterous blogs, make sure you've made plans to migrate your data across or else it will be gone for good!

Segment of the Week

This week I'd like to point out an article that Paul Orwig wrote for the Joomla Community Magazine this month titled, "The Joomla! Project Wants You!".

How to Help the Joomla Community There are many ways to help out in the Joomla Community and there is a job for everyone from the complete novice to the more experienced Joomla designers and developers.

Joomla Forums Engage with people that are having issues using the CMS. If you manage to solve and issue that you're having with Joomla, jump on the forums and see if anyone else is having the same issues and help them out. It's a quick and easy way to contribute back and help others.

Joomla Forums Social Media Now if you're very active on social media or you're a bit of and expert or have a bit reach via social networks, share Joomla news and information that others provide and especially from the main Joomla channels or the Joomla Community Magazine.

Joomla Community Magazine Now if you're a bit of a writer, and you want to share some news, hints, information, tutorials about joomla, you can write and article for the Joomla Community Magazine. It is and online publication that comes out every month with brilliant articles from all around the world and even in other languages.

So jump on to http://magazine.joomla.org and there you can find out more information about submitting and article to the magazine and becoming a contributor.

Joomla Bug Squad Now if you're a bit of a coder or want to get into the code a bit more then the Joomla Bug Squad is the perfect place to start. There are various roles from rewriting code, testing or even just replicating and confirming bugs in the CMS. I think it is also a really good way to expose yourself to the code base and get a better understand of how Joomla works.

I'll post links about how you can get involved in the project that way as well.

Taken from the Magazine article by Paul Orwig:

"Right now, the Joomla! Bug Squad (JBS) is working on a new Issue Tracker for tracking bug reports and new features. JBS needs some additional programmers to help with the coding of the tracker. The project is maintained via github and you can find out more about the project at its github page, located at https://github.com/JTracker.

If you're interested or have any questions, please contact us via the following github form: https://github.com/JTracker/jissues/issues/new."

Joomla Code Contributors Now if you're a little bit more of a Joomla veteran and know how to make Joomla work the way you want it to the help the core team write and develop code for the project. This does take quite a bit more dedication from my point of view but it was does have the most impact.

Higher Positions Now there are always higher level positions going on in the project as well including newly created roles including development engagement who David Hurly has recently been apointed to and I hope to organise and interview with him soon, as well as other roles such as the movement to create a Joomla certification team where rules and tests are formed to help qualify Joomla service providers out there. That way people that are seeking Joomla services know that they are using a certified Joomla provider!

Production Working Group

Joomla! Bug Squad: New members (not necessarily programmers) Community Working Group

Joomla! Community Magazine: Artists/Illustrators Joomla! Community Magazine: Promotions/Marketing team Joomla! Community Magazine: Editors Joomla! Community Magazine: Project news "beat writers" Joomla! Community Magazine: Contributing authors Joomla! Community Magazine: International editors Joomla! Community Magazine: Community authors Now of course you can always just write good code for Joomla, and build awesome websites and tell everyone that the sites are built with Joomla and all the cool stuff that you're doing so to everyone else keep up the good work and passion for the CMS.

Brian Teeman

Interview with Brian Teeman

I finally have met Brian in person and JoomlaDay Melbourne 2013. He's a lot shorter than I imagined but sure has a lot to say. He's one of the co founders of the Joomla project, lives in Leeds in the United Kingdom and is truely passionate about Joomla.

You can read more about what Brian gets up to on his blog website at

http://brian.teeman.net, you can find all of his social media accounts there, or you can go to his Joomla trainingwebsite at

and hire him out for his Joomla consultancy I MEAN Joomla TRAINING services.


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