I'm joined on the podcast this week by the team from FlexiContent, the CCK and publishing platform for Joomla. It extends Joomla and takes it to another level in regards to publishing information online.

Emmanuel, George and Akarawuth share their extensions and give us an idea in regards to how it works and how it operates.

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Joomla 3.4 Released

This week we see the release of Joomla 3.4. The latest stable version of Joomla with a few new features that is making Joomla better and better every release.

Blog Post from OS Training by Steve Burge

Removal of Web Links Components

This starts the removing of excess bulk in Joomla in general. Weblinks is the first of many components and extensions that will be removed from Joomla in general.

Of course, if you're still using Web Links or some of the other components that Joomla plans to loose in its weight lose project, you can download them from the Joomla Extension directory as official project extensions.

Weblinks is one of my favourite components when it comes to affiliate link management in Joomla. Very useful.

Front End Module Editing

This new feature allows users to edit modules directly from the front end of Joomla itself.

This idea and concepts brings in the final step in which administrators and editors no longer need to log into the admin area of a website to add content and manage content through out a website.

When a website has reached a mature stage and no longer will have major menu item changes, administrators or content publishers can simple login to the front end of the Joomla based website and edit their content as needed.

Composer Integration

Allows developers to install and run Joomla via Composer.

Update reCaptcha - No Captcha!

This improvements integrates Google's new No Captcha system.

Secure Uploads

The upload system for installing Joomla extensions has change a little.

This has also caused a few issues with plugins and extensions as well not being able to be installed from the backend of many Joomla websites.

If you're having this issue with your Joomla 3.4 installation. Try a manual upload of the extension to your /tmp/ folder of your site and extract it there. Once that is done then try unzipping and installing from the folder.

It is the actual file upload process that is causing the issue and there is already a fix for it on GitHub.

You can read this work around that the guys at RSJoomla have detailed in their documentation.


Update Downloader Information

Now developers and site administrators can specify BETA or ALPHA versions of their downloads rather than just the final live stable releases for downloads. This means that site owners can opt to download a pre-stable release of an extension for testing and feedback.

This is incredibly useful for developers of the extensions to gather stats, and test their releases.

UI Improvement

A last minor improvement but still a good improvement is the ability to hide the side bar in Joomla freeing up more screen real estate for management of the system itself.

Interview with the Team from FLEXIContent

This week I finally have edited and put together the interview I did with the team from FLEXIContent at J and Beyond 2014. This was the first time the entire team had met face to face. Emmanuel, George and Akarawuth speak about their experiences in Joomla, how FLEXIContent came about, and how you can use it within your organisation, business or for your next site build.

If you're interested in finding out more about FLEXIContent and working with it, please check out the resources listed here as well as this short introduction video about FLEXIContent.

Find out more about FLEXIContent at:

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