This week we have a look at some of the tools we have used over the years in regards to starting, operating and growing our own web agency and also look at what some other people are using in the industry to run and operate their own businesses.

As the majority of the people that are listening to the podcast have their own businesses, it is interesting to share and help each other with the aspect of growing that business.

Martina and I explore all of these tools and invite you to share your own as well.

In this episode we also have a look at some Joomla related news items as well as launching the JBeat Survey, we want to know more about our listeners so we can better tailor the content to you.

Joomla News

Joomla is Taking a Break from the Google Summer of Code

One great initiative and project that Joomla has been involved with was the Google Summer of Code. This year Joomla isn't participating in the project but instead is looking at running its own Joomla Summer of Code where it will help and mentor students in the project to work on cool aspects of Joomla. Your can read more about the break from GSoC and when I find out more information about the new initiative I'll release it as it comes.

The big changes to the Google Summer of Code from OSTraining.

Joomla Events Traveller Program Calling for Applications

The Joomla Events Traveller Programme or JET is calling for applications in regards to the Joomla volunteers coming to the J and Beyond conference. The initial deadline for applications is March 20th so its really important to get your applications in before then! More information about the timeline and application process can be found in the community blog post in regards to the JET announcement.

Joomla Nightly Builds

Did you know you can download the nightly builds of Joomla? If there is a fix that has been created and tested for the next release of Joomla but you need it right now, you can download the nightly build and install that on to your website. It will have all of the documented features and issues that have been fixed and added in for the next release, but beware, it may also have other issues that people aren't aware of yet.

Of course there is a large amount of testing that is done on these patches and fixes but not everything is picked up so you've been warned. This is something for the more experienced Joomla developers and site builders.

You can download the nightly builds at:

Starting, Running and Grow Your Joomla Web Agency This episode we look at all of the tools, strategies and ideas that we have used over the years and what we are using now as well.

This is a quick run down of the tools that we have mentioned but please read my full article in relation to the top tools you will need to start, grow and build your web design and development agency.


  • Focus on your skill set or product, design, development specialisation
  • Something to offer the market and something that people are actually looking for.
  • Create a good website or a portfolio
  • Designers can go to a network like Behance to show case their work.
  • to find work or similar websites
  • Networking and Meetups or Joomla User Group meetings to start building connections with other businesses.


  • Accounting is important first step
  • Xero, Freshbooks is what we use for invoicing and accounting
  • Quoteroller for quoting and there is an alternative called Proposify that I'm looking into at the moment.
  • JIRA for project management or Basecamp
  • Highrise for contact management, or VTiger CRM to mangage leads and Mautic at the moment for automated marketing and inbound marketing.


  • Partnerships, leverage each others skills and boost areas where you are weak
  • Networking and Referrals or simple word of mouth marketing is so powerful
  • Hiring staff, finding the right people. This takes time and you should so so with care
  • Outsourcing overseas is a good option but make sure you have training and processes in place
  • Diversifying your offering, don't just still to what you are doing now
  • Limits to time base services, so look at offering a physical or digital product
  • Building relationships with clients and keeping them. It's easier to sell to an existing client than it is to a new

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