This week Robbie Adair joins me on the podcast to talk about her business, how she discovered Joomla! and how she got involved in the Joomla! community. Apologies to Robbie in regards to taking so long getting this episode up online.

I also look at a few news items and important things that have happened in the Joomla! community over the past few weeks.

Joomla News

PB Web Development Agency Update

We'll we've been really busy of late. Martina apologies for not being able to be on this podcast episode. We're under resources and have a lot of projects on at the moment. It's a struggle but we're getting through it all. Would be nice to have some extra hands on deck and help out with some of these projects.

We should be updating our portfolio soon so you can check that out and see what we've been up to over the last month.

Joomla! UX Forums Closing Down

The Joomla UX Forums haven't been used and have not been very active since the launch of Joomla 3. The forums will be moved to the main Joomla forum and the site archived by the Production Leadership Team.

Joomla! Partnership with Glip

Joomla! now officially uses Glip as its main form of communication for the project. You can read the official announcement on the main Joomla! website. This allows the community to have a centralised location for conversation and communication that is away from the instant messaging apps that a lot of people use such as Skype. It's private, spam free and setup for the Joomla! community.

Check out Glip if you haven't done so yet, and look over the Joomla! Volunteers directory to find out what teams you can potentially join and be added to the Joomla! Glip account.

See Glip in action

Potential Joomla! Structure Change Proposal

This is one of the biggest changes in the Joomla! community in a long long time. There is a lot of discussion around the proposal and how it should work. You can read the official announcement from the Joomla! Structure team, which I am a part of, as well as the Structure and Methodology proposal and the comments on the forums and conversation around the proposal.

There is still time to contribute to the conversation and get a better understanding of what is being proposed. Structure change is hard, structure change and business development change is also usually hated but usually always needed.

People with experience in regards to organisation structure and change management and are involved in the Joomla! Community should definitely contribute to the conversation.

I wrote a blog post about the progress a while back which never got posted online but will share with the community here. Please note it hadn't been looked at or shared since November 2014.

Interview with Robbie Adair from Media A-Team

Robbie joins me on the podcast from the Joomla! World Conference in 2013 where she talks about her experiences in Joomla!

Robbie found Joomla back when it was still Mambo but only really joined the community after attending a local JoomlaDay in Texas. After that, she was hooked. Attending World Conferences and many more Joomla! events, Robbie is now more cemented in the Joomla! Community than before.

Robbie explains the importance of attending Community events as well as networking with other Joomla! experts. She has done so at many events herself and it has helped her grow her business and projects that she works with. Robbie also explains that they work across multiple market verticals and works predominantly 90% on Joomla!

An extra service that Robbie does for her clients is marketing of their websites and businesses.

You can follow Robbie on Twitter, LinkedIn and of course visit her company website Media A-Team.

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