This episode, Martina and I look at some news updates in the Joomla! industry, a few really interesting news articles in regards to mobile adaptive design vs mobile responsive design and we introduce the Seblod Training Course which will be running on the Joomla Beat Podcast for the month of July.

Show Notes


The Production Leadership Team who look after the code of the Joomla! project have released a blog post about there summit meeting at the latest JandBeyond Conference in Prague.

The team have outlined the updates and changes to the next releases of Joomla 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.

They also looked at various aspects of what Joomla 4 may look like and how that code and development aspects was going to tie in with the current release of Joomla!

Drupal 8 code base size:


The team from Watchful have integrated a new feature into their system called Single Sign On (SSO) which will allow you to log into any of your Watchful managed websites with one set of usernames and passwords potentially saving you much time and energy when logging and managing so many website.

Joomla! Transition Team

The Joomla Project is forming a Joomla! Transition Team to help with the transition of the the leadership from its current structure to the new structure that had been voted in by the current leadership team. The blog post outlines the process which was discussed and voted upon amongst the current leadership.


5 Big Mobile Design Trends in 2015

Responsive Design is Failing Mobile UX

We chat about responsive design vs mobile adaptive design


If you're interested in improving your Joomla! website building skills, stay tuned all month for this week by week course on learning how to build apps with Seblod. James Morrell from Seblod will be taking us through how to create a Seblod app and site. This is best for beginners to advanced users that want to learn how to really extend their Joomla! website.

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