This week we celebrate the Joomla Facebook fan page reaching 100,000 Facebook fans.

We also see the Joomla extension directory team archives all of the Joomla 1.5 extensions from the directory and we have an interview with Dianne Henning.

Dianne talks about how she's involved in the Joomla community from her involvement with the community magazine, her position within Open Source Matters and a JoomlaDay Boston.

Show Notes

Joomla Reachs 100,000 fan on Facebook

The Facebook fan page finally hits the 100,000 mark! Hurray! In comparing all of the other major CMS Facebook fan pages to Joomla's I have to say Joomla does an amazing job of engaging with the community. Check out the link to the ceremonious post!

Joomla Archives Joomla 1.5 Extensions

As of the 1st of March the Joomla project has archived all of the Joomla 1.5 extensions and have moved them all off the main Joomla Extension directory. You can still access a lot of them on the newly created Archive website.

Doing LESS with Joomla

Joomla Magazine article by David Hurley. David writes in his article how LESS is so useful when coding up styles in a website and just how LESS works in Joomla.

He breaks up the article in to three main areas:

Declared Variables Mixins LESS Functions He also lists a few great resources on how LESS works in Joomla and a few tutorials from Kyle Ledbetter about LESS.

You can learn more about LESS and improve your dynamic CSS skills at


CrunchApp is an awesome little LESS editor that makes writing your files in LESS just that little bit easier. Simply mark up your LESS files as you normally would and compile as you go to test to syntax and formatting errors. Never again will you accidently apply dev tested code to a live staging environment and break a site due to incorrectly setout LESS code!

Interview with Dianne Henning

Dianne talks about how she discovered Joomla, built friendships around it and her role in the Joomla community.

Dianne mentions how she is now a part of Open Source Matters, the lead editor of the Joomla Community Magazine and is also the organiser for JoomlaDay Boston 2013.

Thank you so much for the interview Dianne, it's a pleasure to finally talk to you and hopefully we get to meet at the next Joomla World Conference.

You can check out more of Dianne's work at

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