Martina and I this week cover the topic of promoting, marketing and selling your web design and development services. We talk about how we find clients, and how we close the deals and get the contracts over the line.

Just thought we'd share a few things we had learnt over the years of running and building our own business.

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New Routing or Should I Say, Search Engine Friendly URLs

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Free Tickets to JoomlaDay Minnesota 2015

The JoomlaDay is SOLD OUT and we're looking at over 250 guests at this event. Check out what you're missing out on at their the JoomlaDay Minnesota website.

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Promoting & Selling Yourself and Your Web Design/Development Business Effectively

This question came from a few listener questions and emails that have come through over the last month.

Martina and I look at providing some advice on how to attract customers and clients and get them to sign the contracts to get workin with you.

Attracting and Finding Customers

Set up your website sales page and work on organic search engine optimisation

Networking, user groups and meetups, business forums, breakfast meetups

Social media, twitter get know in the industry

Pay per click advertising, facebook or google ads

Content marketing, work out what your target audience is looking for and provide them with the right content to attract and sell to them.

Converting the Leads and Potential Customers to Sales

Once you have a lead and a potential new client, you're going to have to try and get them to sign that contract.

Building Trust

A lot of clients are always hesitant about spending a large amount of money on someone they barely even know, so you're going to have to build up trust.

Provide something free

One way that we like to do that is give them something for free, maybe a free consultation or even free training.

Once a month in the PB Web Development office we hold a free training event to let people pick my brains when it comes to using and developing Joomla websites and that's completely free.

Many of the customers that come in for the free sessions convert into potential new customers.

Do a Small Job

Another great technique is to do something small and at an affordable rate. We get clients in that have a huge wish list of problems that they want fixed and sometimes its just overwhelming just looking at the list. So we'd focus on the first 2 or 3 most problematic issues, and provide a quote on that first. Complete the job on time and effectively and you've won over a client by solving their problem and gaining their trust

When the client/customer is happy and they're usually less reluctant to move on to the next step and next projects.

Now you have to nurture that relationship and have an account manager to keep it all going over a long period of time.

Proposal Writing

Proposal writing is an art, it is something that I personally do every single day as a part of my average day at PB Web Development.

A few tools that I like to use are QuoteRoller and Proposify when it comes to quickly writing quotes.

What I want to give to our listeners though is access to a proposal template and outline of how we put proposals together. This is something that we struggled with in the beginning. If we had something like this in the beginning we would have had much less stress and more free time to work on other things.

Seblod Training Course

James joins me to chat about the first part of the Seblod Training Course where he guides us through the installation and initial setup of Seblod.

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