This week we celebrate Joomla! 10th Birthday. Martina and I chat about 10 things that we love about Joomla and why we love using it!

Joomla! 10th Birthday Celebrations

All around the world there are Joomla users (Joomlers) sharing photos and cake of what they're doing to celebrate Joomla and a whole, not just the content management system but also the community and what it means to live, work and use Joomla.

Check out a few great photos from the Joomla community celebrating its birthday.

Test Your Joomla Knowledge

Try out the quiz that was put together by Gavik

Spread the Joomla Love

This is the website that Brian Teeman has put together to help celebrate Joomla's 10th Birthday. To find out more about the history of Joomla and also to contribute your birthday wishes to Joomla, please visit the website at

10 Things We Love About Joomla

This is a list of 10 things that Martina and I love about Joomla.

Flexible Custom Design

Allows a designer to be creative and implement what ever design, he or she comes up with.

Model View Controller Coding Standards

Modern coding standards which allows for clean and easy to read and follow code for any developer.

Thousands of Premade Templates for Cheap Implementation

Quick and easy customisation of premade templates ready to go for anyone that doesn't know how to code and develop templates.

Great Documentation

So much documentation and clear documentation compared to other open source platforms out there.

Extensions to Enhance Joomla

Easy to enhance Joomla out of the box with an extension.

Easy to Create Extensions and Generate Revenue from Extensions

Easy to create a business from selling extensions and generate a good income and revenue.

Self Managed Websites

Allows clients to manage their own content and websites.

Flexible and Dynamic Templating

Incredibly flexible templating system that allows for dynamic modules and layouts.

Allows You to Develop a Career in Web Development

Since Joomla is free, it is very accessible in regards to being able to pick it up and start using. Documentation, the CMS and a selection of extensions are all freely available for anyone to start using and developing their own websites.

It Has Given Us a Thriving Business and Has Brought Us Together

It has allowed us to grow a business providing web services to clients, allowed us to grow a podcast and has brought Martina and myself together in regards to growing the business and growing together over the years.

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