This is a slightly different podcast episode in that it is a recorded presentation.

Magda Cortez, from News Corp, presents at the Product Mavens Meetup for product managers at the News Corp building in Sydney, Australia about mapping the customer journey through some of their publications.

Magda Cortez is strategic design thinker who has spent the last 10 years in media crafting cross-platform digital experiences. Passionate about entertainment, social media, popular culture and the fusion of old and new media, her experience spans product management, innovation, marketing, content creation and design.

In this session she shares the some insights into how she and her team map our user journeys throughout the one of their websites.

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  • LinkedIn At the end of Magda's presentation I took the group through a persona building exercise to help people understand how a customer is defined, where they come from and a process in regards to discovering that and making it happen.

You can see the slides for the presentation on SlideShare:

UX User Experience Persona Development from Peter Bui

If you like this style of podcast please let me know and I'll record and release more as I am involved with them.

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