Steve Burge, the create and owner of OSTraining shares his secrets in creating the largest provider of open source content management system training in the world.

Steve shares how he started the business, how he controls and manages his website, his secret in what runs his membership site and lastly, some insights into how he optimises memberships to build a valuable membership and keeps his members on.

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At the Joomla World Conference i'll be running a Joomla workshop based on web accessibility. I'll be teaching you how to make the web a more accessible place by enabling you to test, and fix issues on a website that won't meet the WCAG 2.0 AA standards which is recommended.

I'll be giving an overview of accessibility, an experience of what it is like to be disabled and using the Internet and lastly, how to test websites and give recommendations or fixes to them.

Join me at the Joomla World Conference.

If you're coming to my workshop, please sign up to I'll be making you do some work for the Joomla project too.

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Steve Burge and His Huge Membership Site OSTraining

Steve joins me on the podcast to share his journey into the Joomla industry. He explains how he discovered Joomla, how he came up with the idea of creating OSTraining and some of the problems and solutions that he came across over the years it has existed.

Steve recommends using open source extensions to quickly build up your website and test your product and business model. Once you gain enough customers and traffic, rebuild and custom develop to better improve the user experience and customer journey through a website.

Steve shares some of the secret ingredients that makes up his video training and membership platform including:

  • Wistia - for video hosting
  • ChartMogul - Stats collection for sales and optimisations of conversions
  • Simple Renew - Used for membership website for Joomla
  • LiveChatInc - Used for chat support for their customers
  • Alledia - All the extensions that Steve is using on OSTraining to build his website! (This is gold)

Peter Russell - One of the core Joomla Co-founders

You can follow Steve on social media on Twitter @stevejburge and Google+.

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