Ep18 - SEO Tip Domain Names and Interview with Victor Drover

In this week's episode of the Joomla Beat podcast I kick off a series of Joomla search engine optimisation (SEO) tips for Joomla. It all comes from a presentation I did for the Sydney Joomla User Group in May and my recording of it didn't go too well, so I've split each tip on my main presentation into smaller podcast episodes.

I also have an awesome interview with Vic Drover from Anything Digital talking about the business, how he got into Joomla and also about his involvement with creating…

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Ep17 - Accessibility and Global Accessibility Awareness Day

In this week's episode I have a focus on web accessibility in general and for Joomla.

On the show I have an interview with Sarah Pulis and Kim Chatterjee chatting about accessibility, inclusive design, Global Accessibility Awareness Day and A11yBytes.

I also take a bit of time out to go over a few tips on how to make your website more accessible.