Ep8 - JoomlaDay Boston, Helping Grow the Community and Brian Teeman

On this weeks show we look at the up coming JoomlaDay Boston and in particular the code sprint bug squad they've arranged for the Saturday morning.

We also look at ways you can help out and join the Joomla community.

Lastly we have an interview with Brian Teeman, who will be telling us a little more about what he does on a regular basis as a job as well as what it was like back in the early days when Joomla forked from the Mambo project and turned into what it is today.


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Ep7 - Interview with Max Lynam talking about MijoShop

In this episode of the Joomla Beat Podcast we have a long interview with Max Lynam from MoleHill Web Works. He talks to us about an e-commerce option for Joomla called MijoShop.

He talks about his many years of experience in working with other e-commerce platforms including Magento and how MijiShop differs from them and why it might be the best option for Joomla at the moment.