Ep98 - John Pitchers, Work Productivity and Business Growth

John Pitchers from JoomStore joins me on the podcast to talk about how he grew is Joomla website services business.

Starting as a solo business person, John over time grow his customer base, increase productivity and grew his business like never before. Listen in to find out how he did it.

Joomla! 10th Birthday Celebrations

All around the world…

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Ep94 - Top 10 New Extensions - August 2015

This week Martina and I curate the new listings of the extension directory and give you our top ten picks for this month.

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Ep93 - Søren Beck Jensen Talk About Component Creator & Neno Translate

Søren joins me on the podcast to talk Joomla! and about his components and tools he's build for the community, Neno Translate and Component Creator.

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Ep92 - Interview with Simon Kloostra on Joomla SEO

Simon Kloostra from JoomlaSEO joins me for an interview to talk about his passion, search engine optimisation and website performance with Joomla!

He shares with us five awesome tips that are applicable to any website as well as breaks down the Joomla! Beat Podcast website and gives me an analysis of what can be improved on the website