Ep78 - Interview with Peter Martin & Password Tips to Help Keep Your Website Secure

This week I have a chat with Peter Martin from the Community Leadership Team. Peter has been one of the longest running CLT members and has contributed a great deal of work to the Joomla project.

This week I also cover a few interesting news topics with Martina and share with you all 5 awesome tips in regards to passwords, password management and ways to keep your websites secure with better passwords.

Interview with Peter Martin

Joomla World Conference is Over


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Ep75 - Matt Thomas, Production Leadership Team & Direction of Joomla

Matt Thomas joins me on the podcast to talk about his experiences and how he is involved with the Production Leadership Team within Joomla.

Matt Thomas from the Production Leadership Team


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Ep74 - Steve Cooper from PayPal Talking About BrainTree and IoT

Steve Cooper from PayPal joins Martina and I on this podcast episode to talk about all things about Internet of Things or #IoT.

It's all about connecting websites, data and things together by the Internet to make life better.

We have an interesting conversation about that as well as a few Joomla news topics, updates and what BrainTree has to offer developers and the Joomla community.