Ep48 - Joomla's New Marketing Team and News Updates

Jessica Dunbar, the new lead on the Joomla Marketing team joins me on the podcast to talk about the new marketing team roles and what her role is going to be in the team.

She also talks about some of the marketing goals that the team have in 2014.

In this episode I also go through a couple of very important news updates in regards to Joomla! so make sure you stick around to the end of the episode where I mention these.

BlueHost to suspend and force updates to all Joomla 1.5…

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Ep47 - Top 10 New Joomla Extensions Review for Jan 2014

This episode we're having an extension round up for the episode. Going through a bunch of great extensions that have been newly listed on the Joomla! Extension Directory.

With currently over 7563 extensions out there, I'll be looking at a few highlighted and useful plugins, modules and extensions that you may have missed.

I'll be looking at 10 different extensions including:

Ep46 - Changing, Updating and Testing Your Joomla Website

Michael Babker, one of the Joomla Production Leadership Team members joins me on the podcast this episode to talk a little about how he got involved with Joomla and furthermore got involved in the Joomla PTL.

Michael didn't have much development knowledge but slowly got into Joomla by submitting bugs that he would come across. Other Joomla members started encouraging Michael to create simple patches to fix some of the really easy issues in Joomla and from there the rest was history.

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Ep45 - Cross Pollinating CMS Ideas: Joomla Vs WordPress

This week I look at cross pollinating between open source projects and interview Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress. We chat about his experience at attending the Joomla World Conference and chat about some similarities and differences between the two projects. We also see the release of the Joomla Framework to the community, another PHP framework built for developers that are familiar with Joomla to build web applications, RESTful services and command line applications all using Joomla…

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Ep44 - Writing a Book About Joomla! with Tim Plummer

This week I have a look at writing a book about Joomla! extension development with Tim Plummer who recently has released a new book called "Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development".

Show notes


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Ep43 - Interview with President of Open Source Matters Paul Orwig

This week on the podcast I have a lovely chat with Paul Orwig, the president of Open Source Matters and he joined me on the show from the Joomla! World Conference to chat about is journey into the Joomla! world and his role as the President.

Paul also shares a little insight into the future of Joomla and where it is heading and what we should be looking out for in 2014 in regards to new developments.

It is all very exciting! All this along with news and updates from around the world.

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Ep42 - JWC13 Review & Chat with Andrew Eddie about Distributions

This week I have a round up of the Joomla World Conference and some highlights from the event.

Some key take away points from it as well.

Last but not least, I also have an interview with Andrew Eddie who talks about the idea of distributions for Joomla and the way Joomla 4 might look in the future.