What it is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing to your customers, jump straight into their inbox to broadcast your message. Send a personalised email out to your database of recipients to advertise a promotion, gain brand awareness, gauge interest in your products, and much more.

Customer Benefits

What are the benefits of email marketing? Your customers are notified immediately to receive loyalty promotions and similar benefits. It is significantly cheaper than printed mail-out campaigns, therefore furthering reach and lowering costs. Instantly you will be able to monitor the results, allowing you to track your return on investment. With the ability to see general information on who opens the email and what links they click on, we can track this and report back to you.

How We Can Help

Enabling the use of a high powered email marketing client, we create an online campaign for your business. We can build a database of clients for you and push out newsletters, then return to you with a report on the success of the campaign.

PB Web Development uses the mailing system called The Postie which integrated seamlessly into the Joomla content management system from The Postie system you will be able to manage your subscriber email lists, manage and send email campaigns and newsletters, track your users activities and get detailed analytical data and reports for each of the campaigns and newsletters that are sent out.

Contact Us

Email us or contact us to get a quote or find out more about email marketing and what PB Web Development can do for your business.