Powering Millions of Websites Around the World

Joomla is an open source content management system design and created by professional web designers, developers, enterprise companies, business owners and enthusiasts from around the world. Joomla is provided free and is supported by a large group of dedicated volunteers from around the world. This allows anyone in the world to download and start using Joomla for free. Service providers, like ourselves, provide professional services on top of the free platform.

Joomla powers approximately 3.1% of the worlds Internet websites and even powers high profile Government websites, corporations, small non profit organisations and small to large business enterprise.

Some of our Government clients using Joomla

  • Independent Commission Against Corruption
  • High Court of Australia

Our Non Profit organisation clients using Joomla

  • 2SER 107.3 FM
  • ActionAid Australia

Some Features of the Joomla Content Management System

Accessible Content

Adding in additional features such as "Latest News", "Related Articles" and "Most Popular Articles" will help improve the user experience on the front end of the site.

Expandable Smart Search

PB Web Development integrates global site search systems that will search all content on the site effectively including all third party products, extensions and other content construction kits that we may use.

With an internal indexing engine, the extended search allows for keyword highlighting, and search suggestions which makes internal searching much better than other content management systems out there.

Joomla Web Accessibility

All of our sites follow web accessibility guidelines outlined by WCAG 2.0 (http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/) where possible. Doing so not only makes sure that your website is accessible to as many people as possible but also makes sure that it is accessible to search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation

Joomla has some amazing levels of search engine optimisation built into the content management system and even more flexibility to change and modify how the code is outputted to optimise your SEO strategy.

SEO Design and Layout

A well planned site will contain the proper content structure that will not only make the site highly accessible but also very well search engine optimized. PB Web Development takes advantage of the HTML overrides feature and uses advanced techniques to customize the CMS.

Web Forms Builders

Our builds come with an easy to use and fully customisable form build that can easily be customised and used as a contact form, feedback form, survey and even a simple cart checkout page integrating in with PayPal.

Rich Media Galleries

Our Joomla sites have many media rich features from easily embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos to dynamic image galleries, podcasting and much more.

The flexibility of the content management system allows it to be deployed and used in many different situations and different scenarios. Find out how it can meet your business requirements and how PB Web Development can help you with your new website.