Joomla T3 Framework Development

Here at PB Web Development we love using the JoomlArt T3 Framework. We've been using the framework to develope websites since early 2010.

If you need any customisation or development using the JoomlArt T3 framework then we're the development team for you.

What is the JoomlArt T3 Framework

The T3 framework is a simple to use but yet complex in features templating framework that can be used not only to build Joomla templates but also used on Drupal.

This allows development houses to quickly and easily develop visually appealing and usable web designs into working website templates for either CMS, Joomla or Drupal.

Why T3 Framework

For many years we've been using various frameworks design and developed for Joomla. We've used Rocketheme's Gantry, Morph, Warp Framework, and many more.

After years of use and hundreds of developed website, we have decided upon the T3 framework as it is a balanced solution between performance, flexibility and easily implemented features.

Features of the T3 Framework

There are many features of the T3 framework including:

Features ClassicT3 
Design Features of the T3 framework Beautiful Typography image:yes.png image:yes.png
Right to Left Languages Support No image:yes.png
Multiple Themes * image:yes.png image:yes.png
Multiple Layouts No image:yes.png
Mobile Ready, Responsive Templates No image:yes.png
Administrative features Easy Typography Usage No Yes
Help Resources and Tips No Yes
AJAX driven No Yes
Upload Themes in Back-end No Yes
Manage Profiles in Back-end No Yes
Edit Layouts in Back-end No Yes
Basic features Template overrides Yes Yes
Multiple module positions Yes Yes
100% div based XHTML design Yes Yes
Fix for .png graphics Yes Yes
Advanced features Profiles No Yes
Load modules as menu items No Yes
Multiple layout system No Yes
Page layout overrides No Yes
Front end user tools Enable/Disable T3 Framework link No Yes
Color theme control* Yes Yes
Template width control* Yes Yes
Font size control* Yes Yes
Layout control No Yes
Navigation control* Yes Yes
Text orientation control* No Yes
Dynamic menu systems Megamenu No Yes
Moo menu* Yes No
Split menu* Yes Yes
Dropline menu* Yes Yes
CSS menu* Yes Yes

This table has been taken from JoomlArt T3 Framework Wiki

How Can PB Web Development Help

With the use of the T3 Framework, PB Web Development can build you a feature rich site with multi templates, unique menu systems, front end editing controls, web accessibility, multiple layouts and mobile ready themes all together and ready to go. No extra development is needed to implement these features into your website.

What we have to do is implement your branding, design and styles into the framework to get your site up and running.


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