Managed Joomla Hosting Environments Made for Joomla

We provide a custom managed Joomla hosting environment for our clients that is safe, secure and configured to protect Joomla websites.

Making sure that the Joomla hosting environment is setup correctly is the first step in securing a Joomla site.

Joomla is very flexible with what kinda of hosting environment it is placed on but will work best on certain configurations.

Our dedicated servers are reserved for PB Web Development business clients in Australia only. PB Web Development's servers can be found in three major locations.

  • South of the Sydney CBD in Anchor's data centre
  • Digital Ocean (Singapore, New York, San Francisco)
  • SiteGround (Singapore, Chicago)

All of our servers are monitored by our service providers 24 hours a day.

We add in the extra protection of weekly backups to our cloud storage servers with Amazon and weekly website scans for hacks and intrusions. We also have uptime monitoring that will alert us at a moment's notice if the website fails.

Contact us if you would like to be hosting in one of our secure Joomla environment.