Interested in automating your marketing and sales process? The team at PB Web Development can help you take your business marketing and sales process to the next level by automating your lead collection, nurturing those leads and convert them into sales and paying clients.

Marketing automation is the next evolution of online marketing and with platforms like HubSpot, Marketo and Rainmaker leading the way for generating online sales and driving leads to your business.

Our Easy Three Step Process

We love open source software and the new open source marketing automation platform, Mautic, is the right fit for our business model and for our clients.

Implementing a marketing automation platform and strategy is the perfect way to help increase your leads, nurture your leads and increase potential sales.

PB Web Development works with many different systems when it comes to inbound marketing and creating leads for businesses but our preference these days is to work purely with the open source marketing automation platform, Mautic.

Mautic allows for easy integration with almost any third party system our there allowing you to create simple or complex work flows to manage your leads and create real relationships with them.

Step 1: Create a Strategy for the Sales Process

We initially start with with we are selling and devising the best way we can generate leads to sell the product or service.

Step 2: Implementation

Now that we have a strategy, we have something to execute and deliver upon.

Step 3: Monitor and Improve

Once traffic is funnelled into the sales process, we monitor, track and improve on email open rates, click through rates and anything to make the overall process smoother and better to yield a better result.

Taking it Further

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Use Mautic to do all of your automated marketing and have that information pushed off into your CRM system

Email marketing

Capture new leads and automate communication, lead nurturing and growing your customer base

Lead scoring

Let Mautic score your leads and automatically rate them based on their interactions with your automated marketing

E-commerce shopping carts

Collect information about people using your e-commerce web. Nurture cart abandonment and nurture those valuable customers


Integrates with almost everything out there from SalesForce, WordPress, Joomla and many more online platforms

Open Source

Completely open source allowing you to manage your information, your data and make things work the way you want