PB Web Development uses open source systems to power the majority of our solutions including our Government, non profit organisation and small to medium enterprise clients.

Using everything from Joomla, WordPress, Grav and Magento to run powerful and innovative solutions.

What is Open Source?

Open source software is freely available software that is supported by a community of users and volunteers. These projects are usually spearheaded by passionate individuals who have helps create useful tools that not only are used by themselves but also by potentially millions of others around the world.

Using a community to create popularity and strength of a solution is what drives open source to be a popular choice amongst the web design and development community.

Benefits of Open Source solutions

There are many benefits of using open source solutions

Reduction of Costs

The majority of open source solutions are completely free and available to use. Unlike proprietary software that requires a purchase of a license to use, open source solutions are distributed for free. This by doesn't mean that the quality is any worse. In fact, some open source solutions are far more advanced than what other proprietary solutions can offer.

Reliability and Stability

With a large community is users and testers, issues with the open source solution can be detected, reported and fixed at a very fast rate. Open source projects such as Joomla or WordPress have huge communities of people around the world using it from businesses, corporations to individuals powering their own websites. All of these users can test, report and fix issues with the solutions to help improve the overall stability for all.

Escape Vendor Lock

Unlike proprietary software, open source solutions allow you to freely choose who supports and managed your solutions. Whether is a local web development team, an overseas outsourced provider or even yourself, the options are yours.

Avoid proprietary software costs and lack of freedom.


With millions of users around the world, and thousands of companies using these solutions, it isn't hard to find support.

From online forums or local companies, finding support for your CMS problems is just a phone call or email away.

Extensible Solutions

The nature of open source solutions means that the code is open to the public and can be fully customised to suit your needs. Infact, you can even copy the software, make changes to suit your needs and 'fork off' in an entirely different direction with the software and call it your own open source solution.

Being so open allows other developers to build upon the solution and customise plugins, extensions and modules for specific senarios and again providing these customisations for free or at a very cost effective rate.


With all great software, when the main developers leave or stop working on a project then the software may completely change or fade from existance over time. In the open source world this usually doesn't happen as it is a community of users building and driving the solution.

When one person moves on due to life changes, there are many others just as dedicated and passionate about the project to step in and drive the project forward.

Who Uses Open Source

There are huge corporations and Government bodies that use open source solutions including, Apple whos entire OSX operating system is based on open source solutions; WhiteHouse.org which is powered by the Drupal content management framework; High Court of Australia using Joomla to power all of their web solutions and many many more.

Learn More About the Open Source Solutions We Provide

Find out more about these open source solutions and see what PB Web Development can provide you in terms of solutions and support for you.

  • Joomla: Hugely popular content management system
  • WordPress: Blogging platform
  • Grav: Super lightweight and modern publishing platform
  • Magento: Enterprise level e-commerce solution