Every web project needs a plan, an outline or a strategy.

How is your project going to be executed and delivered?

At PB Web Development, we help you to plan and organise the direction of your project, pre and post launch, to best determine your goals and outcomes.

Whether it is a simple website redesign and redevelopment project, to a full blown social media & content marketing roll out or even a post launch website campaign, our team in the Sydney web design studio, will come up with the ideas and strategy to take your website forward.

Pre web design & development strategy

Before we begin on any design or development work, it is important for us to know what we are measuring ourselves against and set benchmarks at the beginning of the process. For pre-existing websites we can easily gather this information using analytical tools.

We can gather information such as:

  • user statistics
  • monthly unique visitor
  • current website bounce rate
  • conversion rates
  • number of inbound linking domains
  • number of pages index
  • leads per month
  • and sales per month

Having this type of information allows us to know exactly where your website is at before we begin a design and development project.

Defining potential goals for your website, especially new websites with no existing data, can then be used as the post launch goals of the web project.

Define the brand and messaging

It is important for a user to quickly understand at a glance what your brand, marketing messages and unique value propositions are.

Defining what these are will create a consistency across not only the website but also any social media, content marketing and advertising platforms.

All of this needs to be clear to anyone that may be visiting the website.

Understanding the users

Another important aspect that we gather are the personas of the different types of users that use or will use your website. Understanding the user and how they may interact with the website will determine how the website is designed and how it will function.

Users in low bandwidth areas compared to those that have high speed broadband also need to be taken into account.

All of these factors form a part of our pre-planning and website strategy sessions before we even start thinking about the design and development of a project.

Post launch search engine optimisation

For existing websites it is important to protect the existing pages that rank well in the search engines. These can potentially be the pages that bring in all the leads and business and losing these will destroy initially recorded benchmarks making it impossible to retain or regain.

A 301 redirect strategy should be implemented to ensure that old pages on the website retain their value and search engine rankings. This means that any old URLs from the old websites will automatically be redirected to any new URLs of the new website ensuring errors don't appear.

It is also a good idea to audit the top assets of an existing website. That is keeping track of the top 20-50 pages of pre-existing websites to ensure they don't lose rankings or social sharing statistics.

Post launch marketing

Every website needs a post launch marketing plan. This is where the saying 'build it and they will come" may come to mind. This isn't the case for websites and a post launch marketing and content marketing strategy is critical to the success of your website.

Making sure that there is regularly scheduled content created and published, social media is engaged, e-mail marketing is used, content is appearing and being indexed by Google is very important.

It may sound technical and scary but really they are simple step by step processes that need to be implemented to ensure the best results possible.

Post launch project analysis

Finally after a set period of time, a post analysis of the website project plan should take place (approximately 1-3 months after launch). Having a look at the goals and the analytics of the website will determine if those goals were reached and met. A new strategy can be implemented to help improve the metrics or take the website further from where it is now.

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