Intranets and Extranets are a part of any large organisation and at PB Web Development, we have been using WordPress and Joomla! to make that happen for our customers and clients.

Sharing information across offices and networks and creating an internal work culture is the purpose of most Intranets where staff engage with others and providing helpful information, policies and tools to help productivity and workflow.

Over the years of working with other organisations and companies that have requested Intranets and Extranets from us, we have compiled all of the features into one distribution. The team here at PB Web Development have created a standard Intranet build that you can deploy internally on your networks and configure for your company.

It's customisable, modular, and best of all open source.


Built on Joomla 3

Built on the latest technology using Joomla 3.

Joomla is an open source content management system that will allow you to easily manage, update and maintain the Intranet with little to no technical knowledge. It is powerful and flexible enough for all of your Intranet needs.

Branded for Your Company

We customise the Intranet to fit your brand. We have a flexible template system that works on mobile, tablets and desktop devices and can be customised to suit your company. Additional charges are applied for custom design of your Intranet.

Access Levels

The PB Web Development team will work and define the access levels to the website and setup the structure to allow users to access, view or edit various parts of the website. User based on their access levels will only be able to access or edit the areas that they have been assigned.

Internal Comms and Email Notifications

If you need to get a message out to everyone across their the internal network and via email, you can do so via the new Intranet. PB Web Development's Intranet set up has the ability to release internal communications to staff members using the Intranet in key highlight areas of the website as well as send out email notifications to all staff members that have access to emails.

Staff Notice Boards

A community area for the staff within the company. The Staff notice board allows staff to post their own personal announcements, organise social groups or sell their old car or personal belongings. Of course this can be also all moderated by internal communications and be governed by a policy of use.

Staff Directory Search

A useful feature to have within any organisation is an internal staff directory lookup. Not knowing the persons last name or phone number can make it hard to find their details. Especially hard when there are multiple office locations and the person only works part time. The internal staff directory will allow users to look up employee contact information that has been added to the directory, such as their full names and emails, phone extension number, desk location, department and days that they may work. Depending on the setup, you can even implement staff photos.

Document Repository

Organising internal policies and documents such as induction documents, security policies and other shared documents is always useful. Our Intranet setup as its own internal document management system that allows you to index the information with metadata so that the documents are searchable via the Intranet and can be found easily. The Document repository can also hook into third party document management systems such as TRIM.

Knowledge Base

A useful addition to any Intranet is how to guides in relation to how things are done in an organisation. From internal IT infrastructure, how to set up your mobile phone to the Internal network and much more. The knowledge base search allows a user to search data that has been added to the website to help them find what they need, without needing to contact other staff members.

Human Resources Forms

Leave forms and applications done by paper are a thing of the past. Now users can submit their leave days as well as other form related data digitally via the Intranet and have it sent to the right people for approval. Our Intranet comes with a standard leave request form that can be customised and change to suit your needs. You can then create as many forms as needed for your organisation.

Extranet or Intranet

Hosted internally on your own networks or externally on our hosted solution. The Intranet package is flexible to work on Windows IIS servers or Unix Apache servers. What ever your requirements are their is a hosting solution for it. The hosted solution is perfect if you want to be able to access the information externally from your office locations or if you have multiple office locations. Please note that this alters the cost of the proposal. Internal hosting will require a technician to install the Intranet on a server within the organisation. External hosting will incur a regular ongoing monthly cost for hosting on our servers.

Secure Access

Joomla is secure. We lock it down to make it even harder to exploits and hacks to take place limiting access and limiting exposure to malicious activity. Coupled with our backup systems and monitoring, the help ensure that your Intranet stays up to date with security patches and releases as well as features and other additions to the platform.